Common Back Pain Symptoms

Low back pain is a common problem in most parts of the world. The pain affects people across the ages with most cases being among the advanced in age and the physically active people such as athletes. People who are highly engaged in manual work as the main part of their occupation also fall under the high risk population that is likely to experience low back pain. A slight look at statistics on a study done in the United States of America shows that Low back pain accounted for  3.15% of all the emergency visits in most hospitals across the states.  As the statistics show herein.

Needless to say lower  back pain also known as Lumbago is a prevalent health issue. In most cases it is characterized by stiffness, muscle cramps and general discomfort on the lower back part of the body and sometimes extends to the buttock area.  Rough body activity seems to aggravate it while less body activity relieves it with mild actions such as walking and mild stretches. The worst back pain can last 72 hours on average, while the mild ones takes hours or even less to clear out. Several treatments and management of the pain are available that include seeing a medical doctor or consulting the services of a chiropractor.

Here are some of the signs to look out for incase one feels that they must be experiencing the same. 

  • A dull ache

This is the kind of pain that is characterized by a form of heavy feeling and discomfort that makes one generally unwell. This kind of ache prevails and does not seem to get neutralized with any kind of movement or stretching. However, chiropractic routines may relieve the ache or inducement of pain relievers.

  • Pulsating pain

Unlike the dull pain, this may feel more active and sharply throbbing through the lower back bones. The intensity and frequency of the pain may vary but it is highly advisable to seek help if this occurs regularly or with high vibrating frequencies.

  • Numbness

Due to increased pressure on the Lumber spine,  one may experience tingling which simply means that the muscles and the nerves are stretched due to the excessive pressure exerted on them for long periods of time. Although numbness in this area would indicate several other possible illnesses, the muscular strain due to increased activity is top on the list and general stretching or practicing chiropractic routines can help ease the numbness.

  • Pain with movement of the spine

Movement on the spine should be effortless and should not cause any discomfort whatsoever on a normal circumstance. The ligaments, tendons and muscles that form the spinal cord are a system that works in coordinated synchrony to ensure effective locomotion. However due to wear and tear related complications, the system experiences strain that cause pain on any slight or increased movement of any kind.

  • Loss of continence of bowel or bladder

On extreme cases loss of control on the bowel and especially the sphincter muscle may indicate a spinal injury. It may occur either by the affected persons loosing urinary control or the inability to empty the bladder, this causes pain and medical help should be sought to avert higher risks.

As stated earlier various diagnoses and treatment of lower back pain are available. As indicated above the most symptoms are as a result of muscle activities as opposed to severe medical issues. Muscle strains can be cured by using general Over The Counter pain killers or prescriptions from a pharmacists. Regular appropriate exercises are also viable management of back pain. It is however prudent to watch out on the kind of exercises to get involved with especially in the wake of the pain to avoid aggravating the pain further. In this case, services of a chiropractic practitioner come in handy, the practitioner carefully examines the pain and gives appropriate recommendations on the kind of exercise to undertake to ease the pain and/or may send you to seek medical intervention in case of threatening conditions.


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